Orthodox Daily Prayers We record orthodox prayers for the the Orthodox business traveler, the busy commuter, the blind, or with learning disabilities. We record Orthodox Christian Prayers in English for anybody who doesn’t have time or can’t pick up a prayerbook,  Prayers Read aloud is great while camping or in the hospital sitting with a loved one while they recuperate. Their are many reasons to choose to pray with us. Saying your prayers with a recorded reader can enhance your prayer life and help you to memorize your prayer rule. Please take time to look through the site and see if there is anything helpful for you. The Jordanville Prayer Book is used as a template for the recorded prayers.
Powerful Prayers Read Aloud!
Morning Prayer The Morning Prayers are the complete set of prayers in one MP3 file, which is 21:41 minutes long. The FIle includes: The Prayer of the Publican, The Beginning Prayer, Psalm 50, Symbol of Orthodox Faith, To the Most Holy Theotokos, To Our Lord Jesus Christ, Miscellaneous Prayers , Prayer for the Living, Prayer for the Dead, and the FInal Prayer. Please visit often to check for new releases  
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Morning Prayer Sample
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From St Theophan the Recluse  It seems that nothing should be simpler and more natural for us than prayer and our hearts’ striving for God. But in fact it is not always like this for everyone. One must awaken and strengthen a prayerful spirit in oneself, that is one must bring up a prayerful spirit. The first means to this is to read or to hear prayers said. Pray as you should, and you will certainly awaken and strengthen the ascent of your heart to God and you will come into a spirit of prayer.